This site is about El Morya and the other Ascended Masters that are working in the Brotherhood of Light to assist humanity. It is based on the teachings of Mark and Elizabeth Prophet (see ) and the experience of light seekers following these teachings.

This site will not give you illumination just by reading it since the only way is to practice by oneself and learn the lessons by living them: nobody else can do it for you and it cannot be bought, stolen or acquired in any other way but by doing it yourself.

However, one can be helped and guided in the same way that when we go to school, we have books and teachers that show us how to do something until we are able to do it alone.

The purpose of this site is to provide you with tools and teachings you may need on your path to achieve what you have to do in this life.

This site is maintained in their free time by a group of students of the teachings as a gift to you: we hope it will help you to improve your life.

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